Our Services > Non UK Resident can offer facilities to people who do not live in the United Kingdom to purchase a residential property in the United Kingdom for investment purposes.  The potential purchaser can be located anywhere in the world and providing they have a 30% deposit they can buy the property. can also offer competitive mortgage schemes for properties in most of Europe France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc., USA, Dubai, plus other countries.

Residential, Investment, Retirement, Holiday or Commercial Property finance

UK Residents wishing to purchase or re-mortgage property in the UK or elsewhere

Non - UK Nationals purchasing in the UK or other countries

Expatriats purchasing in the UK or other countries

Up to 85% Mortgages available for Expats returning to the UK

Mortgages on Residential or Commercial property for an Offshore Company or Trust

Plus - INTERNATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLANS - entry up to age 70 years