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A range of commercial finance solutions are available to suit all needs and circumstances.  Please visit our commercial arm at for more details or call us now on 020 3151 9929. has connections with world leaders in cross-border World-Wide Corporate Financing, delivering a full range of tailored advisory, financing and operational services to selected client groups on a global basis. As an client, you have access to the top-class skills, expertise and experience.

You can build on the in-depth knowledge of our sector specialists covering the following key sectors:

Mining And Manufacturing
Hotel, Casino, Resort And Golf Course
Telecom, media and technology
Automotive, consumer and diversified Industries
Integrated energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Financial institutions
Public sector

Unlimited Funds Are Available offers a complete line of secured leveraged lending and structured finance products to clients whose needs cannot be met through traditional bank products through various lenders.
Asset Based Finance

Business Credit:

Provides financing to middle market and large corporations, which due to rapid growth, high leverage or a temporary downturn in financial conditions or performance cannot obtain the flexibility they need from traditional bank financing.

Commercial Funding:

Extends asset based working capital revolvers and term loans to small and middle market companies which due to market downturns, under capitalisations or a variety of other factors, find traditional financing inadequate, restrictive or altogether unavailable.


Provides working capital financing to domestic and international companies through the purchase of a company's accounts receivable. Additionally, credit protection, collection services and cash application services are available depending on a client's unique needs.

Structured And Corporate Finance:

Corporate Finance:

Provides a "one-stop" combination of senior and mezzanine debt facilities with equity warrants for middle market buyouts or middle market companies undergoing leveraged re-capitalisations. Dominant focus is on cash flow based lending.

Healthcare Capital:

Specializes in "one-stop" senior and mezzanine debt with equity warrants to early and mid-stage healthcare service and product companies.

International Capital:

Extends working capital and bridge loan facilities to early stage and/or distressed technology companies, most of which are owned by experienced venture capital firms with considerable resources

Specialized Finance:

Commercial Real Estate

Provides short to medium term highly leveraged financing of income property acquisitions, renovations, repositioning and turnarounds.

Golf & Recreation:

Extends highly leveraged financing to specialized income property investors concentrating on golf course and club facilities, driving ranges, marinas, ice arenas and other recreational property types.

Distribution Finance:

Provides dealers and resellers financing options to replace vendors' open account terms.

Capital Asset Finance:

Provides senior and mezzanine loans secured by capital equipment, partnership equity, structured tax credit and leveraged lease transactions. has connection with International Financing Divisions offering many possibilities to all types of project funding for world-wide applicants. Our strengths lie in decades of experience in the international finance field. Many lenders are diversified in services and credit facilities are broad enough to meet the needs of almost any financially viable venture, especially when the client is using International Prime Bank Notes, Stocks and Bonds, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, or Certificates of Deposit as the collateral for the loan.

The International Financing Divisions specialise in private placements of large loans, as well as having association with world top 100 banks, trusts and private lenders whom can commit millions of pounds of funds within a short period of time. In addition to our private placement loans, associate world's top 100 banks and our private lenders, we have access to major capital market lenders, secondary banks, and merchant banks that can commit amounts of funding to qualified borrowers. We also work with a group of Institutional Assets Managers that provide financing in the £5 million to £100 million ranges. seeks to simplify the search for funding while offering our expertise in the field to formulate the most viable and profitable funding structure for its clients. By working with the client every step of the way, from consulting on the best ways to present a project to determining the most advantageous route and form of financing, we offer a full range of services to ensure the best possible situation for the client and their business.

Private placement is a sensible solution for all types of companies from small, closely held family businesses to Fortune 500 Corporations. Whether a company is publicly or privately held, it would benefit from private placement.

For example the money can be raised quickly and at a fair market price; financing structures can be tailored to specific needs; modifications of terms and conditions can be negotiated with a single investor; the entrepreneur remains in control of his own company and its operations.

Example of current Interest Rates:

An exposition on the missions and operations of is beyond the scope of this web-site. However, a discussion of International Project Funding would not be complete without some mention of the missions of and its affiliates, together known as the Singh Group.

We trust that we have clarified the intriguing world of links with World-Wide Venture Funding Programs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, relating to this opportunity and provide you with additional details regarding any of our devoted services.

If you would like to obtain further details surrounding financing your enterprise or wish to discuss any matter in complete confidence.

We will review your situation VERY CAREFULLY and offer to you a custom fitted solution. 95% of the time the solution will be simple to understand and 100% of the time it will be the least expensive alternative.

Please feel free to contact if you believe Financing Your Projects with help of may be appropriate in your particular situation. Any communication with us is considered PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL.

Our resources, investing experience and culture put us in a unique position to help our clients. We are small enough to be responsive, innovative and flexible, yet we have access to the extensive resources of world's top 100 banks.

Requirements for funding

The following is required for a full appraisal to progress with an application for project funding. Subject to the necessary checks and information requested by the lender.

a) Exiting Business/es

1. Company Profile
2. Director/s CV's
3. Last 3 Years Accredited Accounts
4. List of Assets and Values

b) Proposed Project
1 .Business Plan
2. 3 years projections
3. 3 years cash flow
4. Breakdown of loan requirements